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TheLostJournal00 is a Fearvlog apart of The Nomadic Verse, created by WonderPsycho. Jake Hamilton uses this account for his best friend's old videos from his video journal. It also has an accompanying Twitter account.


TheLostJournal00 includes the following characters, character types, entities, and organizations:


Arc 1:The Lost Journal Arc

The series starts off with Jake Hamilton saying the ComputerGuide series is fake and that he created it, and that he unlisted all the videos. He goes on to state that he is now using the channel to archive videos made by his friend Eric Kerce. The first video, "The Chemical Experiment (Archived Video)," is uploaded. The video starts off normally, but at the end a distorted clip appears with Eric's head down. A new video called Update #1 2/6/2016 is uploaded. An unknown being or human hacks Jake's Twitter account and tweets base64 coding. They also upload a strange video called aW5mZWN0aW9u.avi on Jake's Twitter account. Three new tweets are sent. One of them is made by the same mysterious hacker. A new video was uploaded by the hacker. A little later Jake uploads a new video called Second Update . In it, it is confirmed that Jake made the April fools video. A new video titled The Chemical Experiment: The Beginning Of Our Experiments (Archived Video) was uploaded. A new video titled 6865736c6f6f6b696e67666f72796f75.avi was uploaded. This was The Slender Man's first appearance. the Arc finally ends with Jake seeing the video. uploading a new video titled "Third Update" where he talks about how angry he is with this "hacker" on his youtube channel. in which at the end of the corrupted video a extremely distorted clip was mysteriously added in, where The Slender Man makes his second appearance where it shows Jake shaking crazily and looks like The Slender Man is slowly trying to control of his mind, with Jake tweeting how he doesn't actually know how to explain about the last clip in his video..

Arc 2:The Archangel Arc

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