Slender Won't Back Down is a Wordpress Slenderblog written by Slender Down. It features several proxies and main characters. It launched on January 26, 2014.


After creating a blog, SlenderDown, decided to post about his daily life talking about him and his ex-girlfriend Sierra. He ends up getting stalked by some people who want to murder him.

Protagonists/Good GuysEdit

SlenderDown- Main character. He seems to be going through mild depression.

Sierra- Sierra is the owner of a blog that has ties with her ex's blog. She is MIA.


Proxy- Proxy is the main proxy in the series. He wears a Victor Surge mask, blue coat, black qackies , brown work boots and green hunting gloves.

Hollywood Whore- Hollywood Whore is a proxy in the series.

Venom- Venom is a minor Agent of the Slender Man

The Bandit- The Bandit is a proxy that appears in the series.

NovaGas- NovaGas is a proxy that appears in the blog.

Ghost Face- Ghost Face is a proxy who appears in the blog.

Nightbreed- Nightbreed is the newest member of The Group. She is the newest proxy.

Faceless Soldier

Forest Fire

Slender Man- main antagonist

The GroupEdit

The Group is a proxy organization. It has 10 known members.

The SerenityEdit

The Serenity is a Slenderman cult.