Project Faceless is a Slender Man based ARG which follows the main character Jason as he investigates what happened to his best friend Aaron.

Plot synopsis[edit | edit source]

Project Faceless follows Jason, who has just returned from a psychiatric facility, and whose best friend Aaron was killed a year before the events of the series (as outlined in Video Log #1), and although Aaron's death was ruled an accident, Jason knows that there is something else going on. He sets out to investigate what happened, and soon realises that he is involved in something bigger than him.

The early videos (or Video Logs) consist of footage from before Aaron's death, and this becomes a recurring theme.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Jason is assisted throughout the series by two other characters, while a few more pose threats to them.

  • Jason - The main character and protagonist of the story. He begins filming himself and uploading the Video Logs to YouTube. His initial motivation is to find out what really happened to his best friend Aaron.
  • Aaron - Jason's best friend, who dies at the hands of The Slender Man. His behaviour is shown to change in the months leading up to his death, likely attributed to The Slender Man.
  • Cam - One of Jason and Aaron's old friends. Cam notices Jason is acting strangely since returning from the psychiatric facility, and soon becomes angry at him, since Jason can't let the memory of Aaron go.

    The Slender Man as seen in Video Log #15

  • Ashley - Another of Jason, Cam and Aaron's old friends. She meets Jason on the street after having not seen him for over a year. They become friends again, but after she visits his house and sees all his investigation material, she has the same reaction as Cam. Although after she is attacked by the Hider and The Slender Man, she agrees to help Jason.
  • The Slender Man - The primary antagonist of the series, depicted in the classic black suit and tie, with no face and extremely long limbs. It causes visual audio distortion as well as coughing fits.
  • The Hider - A supposed Proxy who appears in a number of places where Jason is investigating, and seems to be working alongside The Slender Man. He wears a black hoodie, balaclava and grey pants.
  • The Traveler - A character only seen once so far during Video Log #13, it is not known whether they are good or evil. They wear a black hoodie, balaclava, blue jeans, gloves and carries a pistol.

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