A Verse is a collection of stories all set in the same universe (or multiverse), usually written by the same author or authors. A Verse usually has recurring themes, motifs, and characters and often an overarching story.

Verse Creator Named for
Core Theory Multiple Its central concept
DSTM-Verse DaLadybugMan It's main blog, Don't Shoot the Messenger
The Eleventh Hour Trilogy ??? It's second blog
Giant Narrative ??? The version of Slender Man featured
Operation Wintergreen Omega [Other writers never disclosed] It's last blog
The Quietverse ToyGoldenFreddy2 Unknown
Deathonverse A.J Lewis/Sonicski It's third vlog
Eckva Verse ??? Unknown
Cynetteverse ?????????????? Unknown
Realityverse Multiple is main vlog this channel
Kageverse Multiple Is an universe Deathonverse
Zalgoverse Multiple Is an universe Deathonverse
The Der Gives Gods Multiple