"CatchingMrScormis" (also known as "The Heretics") is a Slender/CreepyPasta/SCP Foundation crossover ARG series which premiered on YouTube on the 2nd September 2015, with adverts appearing on multiple established ARG channels for several months previously. The series was effectively halted on the 14th of December of the same year due to the video files for key scenes of future instalments becoming corrupted during an abortive conversion attempt. To date, only the first four completed episodes have been released.

Plot Edit

Ed is a paranormal investigator who is sent on the run after an investigation results in his friends vanishing. Chased by both the authorites and the deranged proxy Zagryus, Ed finds himself in increasingly dangerous situations whilst searching for a way to find his friends, clear his name, and remove Zagryus - and his master Scratch - permanently. His first step is to track down "The Prophet" - but what is the Prophet?

Characters Edit

Ed - central protagonist. Ed is a paranormal investigator in his mid-twenties who suffers from depression.

Zagryus - the primary antagonist and a proxy of Scratch. Makes a brief appearance in the first episode.

Scratch - the secondary antagonist. Makes a brief appearance in the first episode.

David Whistrom - minor supporting protagonist.



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