A Dangerous Game is a little bit a spinoff of Is Slendy In Canada and new slender serie from Slender Canada.

At first in the first Episode of the same title well a new proxie and Pierre-Luc second personality introduced himself as Damien during the first episode, but he seem to be whispering like Owen in the two first season, but it seem to be the first season of this spinoff,  the first episode seem to be in the afternoon.

A  distress call from Pierre - Luc is made the night just after the video of Damien, he was calling for help but its unknow what will happen yet because like it show the proxy will post videos every Thuesday, because this is more  same if Pierre-Luc will post video also but its now a fight between good and evil, and that proxie is like Owen to be evil.

List Of episodesEdit

A Dangerous Game


Since then the producer of the serie stop because no one want to help or wante to like his video for help, so he seem to be unpopular and doesn't want to do it anymore.