ALDERSNEMN09 is a livejournal made by a group of four college students, Dove, Odysseus, Zelda, and Justin. There is an unnamed stalker that appears to resemble slenderman, and potentially confirmed to be that by a tumblr post linking to the account by the creator of the blog. It is currently only 2 entries long. Currently seems to be an ARE, as there is no interaction between the characters and readers as of yet.

Plot Edit

The story starts out with Odysseus posting from his hotel about recent events that he's upset about. After living in a house since december, Dove finds high levels of radiation in the house and the four were put in a hospital for observation. They were only allowed to take a few belongings and had to start searching for a new house. They had been showing signs of radiation poisoning but this seems to improve when they are out of the house. At the end of the post Odysseus reveals that Zelda is getting stalked by someone from a distance, and it seems to enrage him quite a bit.

The next post, written by Dove, details the moving into a new house and some "very disturbing news." They've moved into the new house and seem to have only a small problem with it, one that will supposedly get fixed soon. The disturbing news included a few new symptoms despite the rest improving and the stalking picking up. It was said at one point Odysseus tried to attack the stalker with a golf club. The stalker appears to be slenderman from the way it's described and is now stalking the entire group. The police were stated to be no help. Odysseus and Justin are said to think the stalker is just someone in a costume trying to scare them.

Characters Edit

Dove Alders: The supposed supposed main protagonist. She's "just your average art major" and the creator of the current icon. She seems calm compared to the more aggressive Odysseus. She discovered the radiation detector that lead to the crew finding out the house they were renting had radiation in it.

Odysseus: The poster of the first entry on the livejournal and a secondary protagonist. He's said to be a "fiery ginger midget" and in the profile description he's said to be Zelda's "angry guy counterpart." It's implied that he's a gamer, in the bio being called the counterpart of Zelda and in his first post where he mentions going to play Grand Theft Auto. He attempted to attack the stalker with a golf club.

Zelda: Another secondary protagonist. She's said to be a "fun loving gamer nerd" and the first of the protagonists to be stalked by the unnamed man.

Justin: The last secondary protagonist. He's said to be about 6'3 in height, his height used to show how tall the stalker is, and he's described as being a "science nerd and computer and mechanics know-it-all."