MyBlog1 is a Slenderman/Giant-based vlog set in The Giant Narrative, and it can be watched here. It centers around a teenage boy with Aspergers' Syndrome and unknown psychological and memory issues, as begins to understand the events unfolding around him.

Plot Structure[edit | edit source]

Very little in the way of plot has been given. Similar to the Andersen Journals, the main character of this series was asked to keep some kind of record of his day, and any psychological issues he's had, by his psychiatrist.

Distortion Style[edit | edit source]

The Slenderman, appearing in Log Entry #04

Multiple different forms of visual and audio distortion have occurred. These range from "Standard" visual tears, to color displacement and videotape static. The Slender Man/Giant also appears to wear a hat.

The visual distortion style appears wide-ranging, and rather interesting.

Giant/Slenderman appearance[edit | edit source]

The Giant appears as a tall, faceless man in a buisiness suit, a hat and usually a tie.

Unlike most contemporary Slenderman appearances, the Giant is shown to physically walk, but does still slenderwalk. It seems to have a very specific focus in the protaganist, Jack, for reasons unknown.

He is shown to cause heavy interference in electronic equipment, just as the Mythos!Slenderman does.

It is usually silent.

The Giant may have proxies. This is first suggested in "NATURE", a video uploaded by an unknown party which shows a figure clad in a red coat wander around the village where Jack lives.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is unknown what the Slenderman wants
  • The 'Slenderman' of this narrative is actuallt a seperate being called The Giant.
  • It is unknown whether or not others are working for or even with the Slenderman.
  • the series author (who loves talking about himself in the third person) states that the Giant is going to use portions of the old Slenderman Mythos (eg. Optic Nerve) in the future, and that the names S-Man, Giant and Slenderman are all interchangable in this narrative. It is, however, a distinctly seperate entity from the Slenderman Mythos vrsion of Slendy. This is to make him scarier again.
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